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MAN is a social animal and by nature, he is concerned about the society at large and always willing to contribute to the good of the society wherever it is genuine from his perspective. Many of us do participate in the social activities directly or indirectly & some of them do wait for the right situation to serve.

ASK FOR BLOOD is a genuine and apt platform which gives the right opportunity for any common man who has a sense of social service. Blood is a natural life line for the existence of humanity and donating blood is as good as donating an organ but only thing is that your body reproduces blood but not any organ.The nature has little peculiar in respect of blood and technically each person carries different group of blood but limited top 9 groups in toto. Nowadays most of the disorders and deceases to the human body need surgeries and in every surgery blood transplantation is indispensable process. People are losing lives not because of non availability of medicines or doctors or machinery but the apathy is non availability of suitable blood.

A person will be treated as GOD if he saves someone’s life by donating his/her blood in an emergency situation. Our operational system help the both the donor and donee during this kind of situation. Your registration with us will provide you a genuine opportunity to donate your precious blood to the donee with a transparent process when it is really and genuinely needed. Our prime moto is the donor and donee need not run around for this, a donee of a locality can find a donor who may be a neighbor, relative or friend and make things easy for everybody. Our platform is really meant for that.

Lets all strive to donate the blood whenever required without fear & hesitation. If we all can donate the blood to the required in our localities, we can save lots of lives and save many families ultimately. Join us for the noble cause.

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You can give blood at any of our blood donation venues all over the world.
We have total sixty thousands donor centers and visit thousands of other venues on various occasions.


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